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DSIP (Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide)

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The Sleep Peptide


  • Exhibits a stress protective action that decreases stress metabolic disorders in human.

  • Sleep promoting

  • Restore circadian rhythm

  • Anti-convulsion (reduces the threshold for seizures, similar to melatonin)

  • Reduced brain swelling (edema) in rats and found neuroprotective effects.

  • Anti-hypertension in rats at 200 ug/kg per day

  • Decrease in chronic pain

  • Aids in withdrawal symptoms in alcoholics and opioid addicts


A dose of 250 mcg approximately 2 hours, administered subcutaneously, before sleep. Note: DSIP use does not induce tolerance. However, recent studies suggest that in healthy subjects not suffering sleep disturbances, can be administered during the day and improved sleep is found for the next few nights. As with most natural substances, DSIP is very safe. LD50 (lethal dose) has never been determined.

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Originally isolated from the cerebral venous blood of a rabbit brain, after induced sleep by electric stimulation of the intralaminal thalamic area, in 1977, later found to be present in very small amounts in the blood and higher concentrations in human milk.

Mechanism of Action

Comparatively DSIP peptide is unusual because it can freely cross the blood brain barrier and is readily absorbed by the gut without becoming denatured.

Close look at studies


To determine the effect of DSIP on insomnia a study observed 6 middle-aged chronic insomniac after intravenous administration of synthetic DSIP at 25 nmoles/kg of body weight. The study found longer sleep duration and higher quality of sleep, with more REM-sleep. The study also found no day-tome sedation or other negative side effects. Additionally, they found sleep-promotion occurred mostly the second hour of administration, while slight arousal occurred within the first hour. This study collaborates the findings of other investigations in healthy subjects and shows that DSIP has a normalizing influence on human sleep regulation.


DSIP was found to reduce induced stress situations in animals. In human studies DSIP has been shown to improve psychomotor performance and concentration capacity, while encouraging sleep normalization. This study further found DSIP to reduce withdrawal symptoms including pain in alcoholics and opiate addicts. This study influenced a further study to be developed for possible relief from chronic pronounced pain episodes. Here, the therapeutic effect was investigated in 7 patients with migraines and vasomotor headaches, chronic tinnitus and psychogenic pain. The study involved administering IV DSIP intravenously for 5 days, followed by 5 injections every 48-72 hours. By comparing baseline values with katamnestic controls it was found DSIP significantly lowered pain levels in 6/7 patients. Additionally, it was found that DSIP to significantly reduce depressive states in the patients.

Larbig W, Gerber WD, Kluck M, Schoenenberger GA. Therapeutic effects of delta-sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP) in patients with chronic, pronounced pain episodes. A clinical pilot study. Eur Neurol. 1984;23(5):372-85. doi: 10.1159/000115716. PMID: 6548970.

Somnogenic and Daytime Performance

Under double-blind circumstances, five human studies were carried out with both single and repeated IV injections of DSIP. The study assessed the effectiveness of DSIP using psychophysiological tests and polygraphic recordings. This study confirmed the sleep induction properties from between 1 h and up to 20 h, and having a positive effect on chronobiological regulations. This study found a complete normalization of disrupted sleep in insomniacs found after 4 consecutive DSIP injections. This study also found DSIP induced higher alertness and better performance during awake states. Psychological tests and evaluations of patients found DSIP improved stress tolerance and coping ability.

Schneider-Helmert D, Schoenenberger GA. Effects of DSIP in man. Multifunctional psychophysiological properties besides induction of natural sleep. Neuropsychobiology. 1983;9(4):197-206. doi: 10.1159/000117964. PMID: 6689058.


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