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Updated: Apr 2, 2022

The fat targeting peptide


Injection SQ: Used for 4 weeks maximum 30 mcg/kg per day


  • body fat spot reduction

  • Reduces blood oxygen circulation to localized fat cells causing die-off


Adipotide was developed in 2011 by Dr Wadih Arap and Renata Pasqualini. Originally, it was developed as a cancer treatment designed to starve cancer cells of blood supply. However, it was found that the peptide actually starves fat cells of blood. Early animal studies indicate losses of up to 39% of fat deposits. It was developed and tested to treat obesity. It has also been tested as a treatment for cancer, but the company ArrowHead search has since put their efforts into other drugs.

Mechanism of Action

When injected into fat deposits Adipotide causes apoptosis of fat blood vessels and adipocytes which results in rapid fat tissue resorption and metabolism. There are two types of fat, white (comprised of adipocytes storing lipids) and brown (adipocytes burn lipids). When there is a decreased capacity of adipocytes for fatty acid uptake, they resort to glucose as an energy source.

Side Effects

  • no human trials have been conducted.

  • Negatively impact kidneys in animal studies at high doses, resolved when discontinued


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