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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

A powerful antioxidant


Intra-muscular injection: has been used safely in studies at 600-1200 mg injection 1-2 times per week for 4 weeks.

Very low oral bioavailability.


  • Helps with tissue building and repair, while breaking down free radicals. This contributes to the lightening and brightening of skin and anti-aging effect in patient

  • Important factor in making DNA

  • Supports immune function

  • Helps body metabolize fats, increases mitochondrial actions and reduces the storing of processed fats while promoting insulin resistance

  • Detoxifies and fights oxidative stress

  • Transport mercury out of cells and brain

  • Iron metabolism

  • Detoxes the body from bad effects from medical treatments, including chemotherapy

  • Improved sperm formation and increased fertility in men by increasing sperm motility

  • Removal of free radicals and reduce oxidative stress that causes diseases including diabetes, cancer and arthritis

  • Improve chronic skin conditions including psoriasis

  • Reduce cell damage from fatty liver disease (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and promotes regeneration of liver cells and detoxification of the liver

  • Promotes Parkinson's disease calming and reduces tremors

  • Increases circulation in arteries and thereby reduces plaque. Helping with motility especially in diseases that's syptoms include leg pain

  • Helps treat arthritis by protecting autoimmune disease cells from self-induced free radicals attacking their own mitochondria.

  • Reduces damage in diabetes – studies show that glutathione injection benefits may include eliminating the tissue damage from oxidative stress even in circumstances with uncontrolled high blood sugars

  • Reduce respiratory problems, shown to reduce asthma symptoms in asthmatics by thinning muscous.

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Glutathione is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant and the key component to most bodily functions. Studies have found symptoms of glutathione deficiency can include: chronic fatigue, weakness, headaches, sleeping problems, illness, difficulty concentrating, mood instability and more. Additionally, autoimmune disorders, skin disorders, fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases have been associated with low glutathione levels. Depletion of glutathione is part of the aging process. One recent study found that an early marker of cancer is depletion of intracellular glutathione.


Glutathione is a tri-peptide constituting of L-cysteine, L-Glutamic acid and glycine. Glutathione was discovered in 1888 by microscope by French researcher J. de Rey-Pailhade. It is a low-molecular weight tri-peptide and serves to maintain the redox status of the cell and protect against endogenous and exogenous toxins. In the nucleus it plays a role in regulating cell division. within the mitochondria of the cell it regulates apoptosis.

Side Effects

  • loose stools

  • high doses of glutathione could potentially cause liver damage from excessive detoxification

  • rare mild cramping or bloating that goes away quickly


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