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The Appetite Peptide


  • increases blood levels of HGH and IGF

  • For those with reduced appetite, GHRP-6 can be used as treatment

  • Can promote anti-aging (HGH)

  • Can promote healing (HGH)

  • Can promote fat-loss

  • Improved overall regeneration

  • Anti-aging and rejuvenating effects

  • Improved vitality, freshness

  • Increased collagen production, healthier skin

  • Improved sleep

  • Ability reduce risk of heart & cardio-vascular diseases

  • Strengthened immune system


Typically injected subcutaneously at or intra-muscularly 1mcg/kg of bodyweight. Since GHRP-6 exhibits a short half-life of approximately 15 – 60 minutes after injection with a peak approximately 30 minutes after injection, it is recommended to take multiple times daily (depending on goal).

Notes: GHRP-6 alone provides considerable HGH release from the pituitary gland, but when combined with GHRH such as Mod GRF 1-29 (CJC-1295) can have a 77% increase in HGH output compared to single administration or a total increase in blood HGH by 81-95%.

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Growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP-6) is a synthetic hexapeptide which specifically stimulates secretion of growth hormone (GH) by pituitary somatotrophs. It's predeccesor includes GHRP-2.

Mechanism of Action

GHRP-6 peptide belongs to the growth hormone secretagogues group and is a ghrelin receptor agonists. Growth hormone secretagogues (GHS) lack opioid activity but are powerful stimulants of growth hormone production. Simultaneously GHS are distinct from growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) in that they share no sequence relation and derive their function through activation of a completely different receptor – growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR; or ghrelin receptor). Natural endogenous ligand of Growth hormone secretagogue receptors is endogenous hormone Ghrelin.

In Studies

Healing Properties

A study conducted by Yssel et al., 2016, looked to examine the ability of topical GHRP-6 to heal hypertrophic scarring that accumulate during the cutaneous healing process, including keloids. These types of scarrings lead to esthetically disfiguring scars, patients’ psychological stress, and functional impairment. To date, Triamcinolone acetonide (TA) has been used widely to promote healing of skin fibrotic disorders as it provides relief of localilized scarring, however, TA is associated with adverse events such as dermal atrophy, telangiectasia, and immunosuppression. They determined that in addition to cytoprotective effects, growth hormone-releasing peptide 6 (GHRP-6) proved to reduce liver fibrotic induration. Using a rat model, they imposed excisional full-thickness wounds in the dorsum of Wistar rats and treated twice a day for 5 days with GHRP-6. Additionally, they imposed excisional wounds to the ear of New Zealand rabbits. Both species recieved treatments with CMC jelly containing GHRP-6 400 μg/mL. The wounds were analyzed in response characterization including closure dynamic, RT-PCR transcriptional profile, histology, and histomorphometric procedures. In the rabbit model they found that treatment with GHRP-6 prevented the onset of hypertrophic scars. The rat experiment indicated that GHRP-6 pharmacodynamics involves attenuation of immunoinflammatory mediators, their effector cells, and the reduction of the expression of fibrotic cytokines. By administering GHRP-6, they prevented parenchymal fibrotic induration in more than 85% and removed approximately 75% the accumulated fibrotic material in both preventive and therapeutic administration.

Furthermore, they found that GHRP-6 had no effect on the reversion of consolidated lesions. This evidence supports the notion that CD36 is an active and pharmacologically approachable receptor to attenuate wound inflammation and accelerate its closure so as to improve wound esthetic.


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