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The Cognitive Function Nootropic


10 mg 2 x per day


  • It increases acetylcholine signaling.

  • It increases the expression of BDNF and NGF protein receptors.

  • It protects the brain from glutamate toxicity.

  • It increases inhibitory neurotransmission.

  • Increases dopamine leading to elevated moods

  • Improves cognitive functio and helps with brain fog

  • Decreases anxiety and depression feelings

  • Helps reduce stress

  • Potential aid to effects of Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Increases learning capacity and cognitive function

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Noopept (previously GVS-111) is a nootropic developed at the Zakusov Institute of Pharmacology (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) by T. A. Gudasheva. It was developed from the structure of piracetam but having the advantage that it can be taken at a lower dose. Noopept has a short half-life (~5-10 minutes – in rodents) and is not present in the brain one hour after administration. However, one of its metabolites, cycloprolyglycine (cPG) is increased in the brain one hour after noopept administration, and it is this metabolite that is thought to be responsible for noopept’s longer-term nootropic activities (Gudasheva et al, 1997). cPG is also a metabolite of IGF-1 and is under development for rare neurological diseases by Neuren Pharmaceuticals.

Mechanism of Action

The proposed mechanism of action is based on preclinical studies and include increasing acetylcholine signaling, increasing the expression of BDNF and NGF, protecting from glutamate toxicity, and increasing inhibitory neurotransmission in the brain.

Side Effects

  • Irritability.

  • Lightheadedness.

  • Anxiety.

  • Headaches.

  • Insomnia and sleeplessness- especially when taken at night

  • Nausea.

In Studies

Clinical research of Noopept shows the potential benefits to patients with dementia or cognitive aging. An open-label study of patients with mild cognitive disorders (e.g. cerebrovascular disease, posttraumatic CNS disorders) observed patients over a 56-day treatment with either noopept (10mg twice per day) or piracetam (400mg 3 x per day) . They found improved several aspects of mood and cognition (in noopept group, MMSE increased from 26 to 29). Furthermore, they established the possible side effects of noopept including sleep disturbances (5/31 patients), irritability (3/31), and increased blood pressure (7/31) (Neznamov and Teleshova, 2009)


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