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The Studying Nootropic


In studies, hydrafinil has been dosed in ranged from 50mg to 150 mg per day, not exceeding 150 mg. At present time, it is considered to be relatively safe to consume due to it being compatible with other scientifically backed drugs.


  • Enhanced energy and mental alertness

  • Ability to assist in overcoming addictions

  • Improved memory and capacity to learn

  • Increased motivation and overall sense of well-being

  • Can promote a more regulated sleep cycle

  • Less addictive than Modafinil and shorter half-life

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Hydrafinil, otherwise known as 9-Fluorenol, is a eugeroic drug that promotes wakefulness and increased mental alertness in an individual. It was created by Cephalon Pharmaceuticals. Hydrafinil was found to have 39% more effect than modafinil but over a shorter period of time, as it is a metabolite of modafinil but with a shorter half-life of six to eight hours. It is considered to have more of a potent euphoric and eugeroic effect than Modafinil. It is not FDA regulated and can be purchased over the counter either online or in select nutrition stores as a dietary supplement.

Mechanism of Action

Hydrafinil operates by increasing both dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. This in turn increases glutamate, the neurotransmitter responsible for enhancing memory and learning.

Furthermore, by increasing dopamine the user also experiences an enhancement in cognitive abilities and alertness. In comparison to other eugeroics, this drug has a more subtle impact on energy and function, allowing for a calmer, less wired energy.

Side Effects

  • can cause headaches, nausea, a change in appetite, dizziness, nervousness, and difficulty sleeping in some users

  • Lower side effect potential than modafinil

In Studies

Abstract : Evidence is presented that strongly implicates the involvement of free radical species in the eugeroic and cognitive enhancement ability of modafinil and modafinil-like analogues via a dissociative electron transfer (DET) or attachment mechanism. Examination of modafinil and modafinil-like analogues which have been shown in the literature to exhibit wake promoting and cognitive psychobiological properties are shown in this study to produce free radicals when subject to electron attachment. Such observations are consistent with a free radical oxidative stress eugeroic and cognitive altering mechanism for modafinil and related analogues. It has also been shown that appropriate substitution of the acetamide moiety of modafinil can result in quite different DET behaviour, which holds promise of the ability to design and predict eugeroic and cognitive behaviour. In so far as DAT binding is a determinant of eugeroic and cognitive enhancing behaviour of modafinil-like analogues, a linear free energy relationship with DAT binding can also help identify the molecular properties of analogues which govern binding behaviour.


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